Table of Contents

The Mother-Daughter Project book coverIntroduction

PART I: Creating a New Vision for Mothers and Daughters

Chapter One
What is the Mother-Daughter Project?

Chapter Two
Daughters: Helping Our Girls Thrive

Chapter Three
Mothers: Confronting the Myth of Supermom

Chapter Four
Preventing Mother-Daughter Disconnection

Chapter Five
Finding a Common Ground: Developing Mother-Daughter Mutuality

Chapter Six
Creating a Community for Mothers and Daughters

PART II: Mothers and Daughters Banding Together

Chapter Seven
Celebrating Girls
Seven Years Old - In Love with Mom and the World

Chapter Eight
Fostering True Friendship
Eight Years Old - Branching Out

Chapter Nine
Welcoming Cycles
Nine Years Old - Big Changes Ahead

Chapter Ten
Learning to Love Our Bodies
Ten Years Old - Capable and Outspoken

Chapter Eleven
Hanging Out and Having Fun (Shhh!) With Mom
Eleven Years Old - In Transition

Chapter Twelve
Cultivating Desire
Twelve Years Old - Curious

Chapter Thirteen
Teaching Safety and Freedom
Thirteen Years Old - Gaining Independence

Chapter Fourteen
Speaking Her Heart and Mind
Fourteen Years Old - Establishing Values

Chapter Fifteen
Earning Money and Wielding Power
Fifteen Years Old - Looking Ahead

Chapter Sixteen
Growing Roots and Wings
16 Years Old - Testing New Boundaries

Chapter Seventeen
Flying toward the Future
Seventeen Years Old - Becoming a Young Woman

Appendix I: Creating a Mother-Daughter Group

Appendix II: The Moon Dance of the Body

Selected Bibliography of Further Reading